What is yogurt, actually? Types of Yogurt and its Nutrition

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What is yogurt, yogurt, yogurt benefits yogurt nutrition

What is yogurt, actually? It is quite pretty and healthy food. This food is the most popular and culture is large.

Yogurt has become a very popular food because of its several health benefits. This meal comes in different types of flavors and can be creamy and smooth.

In the last few years, Yogurt really has become very popular. Because of its serval health benefits and for its unique taste.

In this article, we discuss what is it, its benefits, and types of yogurt are.

What is Yogurt and how to make it?

Many people don’t know what it is?  In simple word, Yogurt is a milk product produced by fermenting milk. It’s heated and blended with two kinds of live bacteria called “yogurt culture”. These are Lactobacillus ( Lactobacillus Delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus ) and Streptococcus Thermophilus.

These bacteria convert the milk sugar, known as lactose, to lactic acid. The lactic acid created by the fermentation procedure also functions as a preservative, helping the milk remain fresh longer. Lactic acid gives a smooth texture and a tangy taste to it.

What is yogurt, yogurt, yogurt benefits yogurt nutrition

Yogurt” the word is derived from a Turkish word meaning “to be curdled.”  It has been written in spelling in different ways on the basis of the country. American spelled yoghurt, however Canadian and Australian spelled yogourt.

Nowadays there are various types of it available on the market. If you do not spend on commercially prepared foods, you can easily make it at your home.

To make yogurt, the milk is first heated to 85 ° C. After boiling, milk cools down at a temperature of 45 ° C or around.

It is then added to fermentation to add bacterial culture and it is kept at temperatures of 30 to 45 degrees Celsius for 2 to 12 hours. Keep in mind that these bacteria should not be mixed in hot or cold milk, otherwise it dies.

If fresh milk is left into a pot using good germs, the liquid thickens and develops a delicious, sour flavor.

Cow’s and buffalo’s milk is usually used to make it. But yogurt can be made from camel’s milk, goats milk, and even sheep’s milk.

Yogurt Nutrition

What is yogurt, yogurt, yogurt benefits yogurt nutrition

Type of Yogurt

Nowadays eating yogurt is a trend. It has been grown in popularity and brands have increased their quality, taste, and types of it. There are a couple of types of yogurt accessible. Like


There is no sugar or sweet in it. It is composed of dairy ingredients. You can add the fruits and veggies of your choice in it.

You can be prepared delicious plain yogurt by adding some special food items. It may be a good replace for sour cream.


It is made by fermentation of Soya milk with L. Lactobacillus Bulgaricus alone.


It comprises less than 0.5 percent milk fat.

Greek Style:

Greek yogurt is another type of It, Which is very creamy. It’s available in non (zero) fat, low fat, and full fat. Greek yogurt made by strained to remove the liquid. The result is twice the amount of protein content. Thanks to the thicker concentration.


Frozen yogurts are the best healthy alternative to ice-creams.


Kefir is a high calcium and protein liquid yogurt. It also contains vitamin D, minerals and probiotics. Probiotics may increase the immune system and help prevent digestive issues. This types of yogurt can be easily made at home with any kind of milk.

Lactose-free :

This types of yogurt are made with cow’s milk. It tastes quite much like regular yogurt and is still a fantastic source of calcium, protein, and probiotics. Non-dairy yogurt options contain soy milk and coconut milk yogurt.


Skyr is like greek yogurt. This type of yoghurt is an Icelandic style it, which is high in protein and very creamy. Includes a low-fat content and is full of calcium.

Yogurt benefits

Now take a look at some yogurt benefits. It can offer many beneficial nutrients like calcium, protein minerals, vitamin D, etc. Which very healthy and useful for you. Eat a cup of Yogurt daily to reduce more weight and belly fats.

For the growth of healthy teeth and bones, Calcium is essential. High-calcium foods would be best when paired with a Supply of vitamin D. Which gets very much in it. Its also include varying quantities of vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin and potassium. Which helps to keep red blood cells, mainly B12.

Natural yogurt is high protein, calcium, vitamins, and low carb. That can boost gut microbiota. It contains less lactose than milk since the lactose is consumed from the fermentation procedure.

It is also full of healthy and friendly bacteria. Probiotics are a type of healthy bacteria modulate your digestion or improve immunity system. It also helps weight loss.

Yogurt is the best weight loss friendly food. Add it in your weight loss diets it may be profitable. It has a very low lactose content. Consuming it to improve absorption of Minerals and Vitamins.

People should try 1 cup yogurt every day to observe how their body reacts. This is not at all for people with milk allergies. Individuals with lactose intolerance often deficiency calcium, therefore yogurt may be an important element of their diet.

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