How To Make Homemade Yogurt With 6 Essential Tips

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How to make homemade yogurt

How to make homemade yogurt

How to make homemade yogurt? Actually, the best version of plain homemade yogurt! If you have not made plain yogurt before at home. Only because you feel that it is very difficult. Actually it not.

hey guys, I’m going to share with you a delicious plain homemade yogurt recipe. That too easy to make at home. And I also tell all the essential tips for making yogurt at home. And I’m damn sure you did not know before.

So if you do the way that I share with you and you use the tips I’m going to talk with you. Then you are going to have the best plain homemade yogurt.

Ingredient and Equipment to making homemade yogurt

The amazing part of making yogurt is that it required a few simple pieces of equipment. All you need is

  • A big pot
  • A container
  • And a wooden spoon
  • 2-liter milk
  • 2-3 tbsp starter ( yogurt culture )
  • A big size towel ( blanket )
  • And a small towel

Plain homemade yogurt recipe direction:

First of all, select your milk. I usually start by using 2 liters of milk. After choosing milk, pour the milk into a big pot ( steel pan ) and let it boil under the high flame.

In this condition, when you should stir your milk once in a while oftenly. In order to let the air mix with the milk until it comes to the boil.

Keep stirring often until it boils.

Once the milk started boiling. Let it boil for another 10 mins but bring down the flame. Steer your milk on this level more often but you do not need to do continuously.

Remove the milk from flames after 10 mins. Now place a clean and warm big towel or blanket on the flat surface. Now chose a container that you want t make the yogurt in it. And, put the container over the blanket.

Now pour the milk inside the container and leave it for about 20 to 25 mins so that the milk cools down. After 25 mins you will check the heat of the milk.

This phase is very essential because if you are mixing your starter ( culture ) too late or very quickly. Then you will not get good yogurt. So you should check the temperature ( heat ) of the milk.

The method I’m going to tell you is the best way to know whether or not the milk is ready to mix in the culture. put your finger inside the milk and keep it for 8 to 10 seconds, your finger should begin to a burning sensation.

If you feel that your milk is ready to be mixed with the starter ( culture ).

[ Also you can easily check its temperature through a basic candy thermometer.

If you are thinking of buying thermometers in the future. You should buy a digital quick read thermometer and it works amazingly. It is very useful in making yogurt at home. ]

If the milk is fully prepared to mix with the starter. Take 2-3 tbsp of starter yogurt ( culture ) in a pot. Remember you should not just mix it directly with your milk. Instead of adding some milk inside the yogurt. Beat it so it will be smooth. After that pour all that inside the whole milk.

Now it’s time to cover the yogurt place a clean small towel over the yogurt. Now keep a lead also over the towel. And carefully wrap the big towel all over the yogurt. And leave the yogurt at the same place for 3 to 4 hour.

Unwrap the blanket after 3 to 4 hours and remove the lead and towel. Leave the yogurt without covered at the same room temperature at the same place for another half an hour.

After half an hour transferred the yogurt to your fridge uncovered. And let it bear for 24 hours. After 24 hours the yogurt the yogurt is ready to be consumed.

Now you can enjoy the very delicious homemade yogurt.

Essential tips for making homemade yogurt 

If you want to make a great homemade yogurt, then you must know these tips which I am going to share with you. If you take care of these tips for making yogurt, I make sure your yogurt will be great.

So let’s start with homemade yogurt tips number one

The first tip to making yogurt at home using fresh and unpasteurized milk or raw milk-

If you know a trustworthy farmer which you are able to acquire fresh unpasteurized milk. Then use this to make a high quality from the most delicious yogurt. But should you not have that choice go to get organic fresh milk of your supermarket.

The second essential tip is that never use a metal spoon-

You shouldn’t ever use any metallic spoon so as to make homemade yogurt. Especially in the time if you would like to mix the culture with your milk. So be certain that you use a wooden spoon to be able to make your yogurt in all the phases.

The third important tip to make homemade yogurt is that never move the container- 

Mind it, when you want to mix the starter with your milk. After that, you shouldn’t move the container before it’s totally cooled.

The next tip is that – Don’t pour the yogurt directly inside your milk.

Another tip to make homemade yogurt is that you shouldn’t over beat your milk after mixing culture-

Once you pour your starter inside your milk do not overbeat it once or two stairs are sufficient.


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